Wednesday, 26 June 2013

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I have often wondered why people especially men have this impression that women don't like each other and definitely do not support each other. I have also seen a lot of strong women who have set up associations, forums, interest groups, clubs and other things just to bring women together. It has been one of the most difficult things to do because as painful as it sounds the men are right. I do not live in self-denial so I am not one of those who will stand and defend a lie.

Most women till date still struggle with envy, jealousy, hatred, gossip, back biting, judging, condemning, destroying, lying and so many other things. As women if WE are honest with ourselves WE will agree in our hearts that WE are guilty of one or more of these crimes/sins. When we think about it we realize that these things never did anything good for us, never made us better people, never made us more intelligent, never made us richer or happier, so the question is WHY?
We see someone who has what we want and instead of working hard to achieve it and asking God to help us, we want to say things to bring them down. Some of us have packed on so many pounds that when we see another woman who is a size 10 our hearts start to race so fast and we just hate them. Some of us want to play that role so bad so the moment another actress is chosen for that role we start to say unthinkable things about them just to hurt their feelings, even when we know it will not change the situation or reduce the amount of money in their bank account.

I was inspired recently by Gabrielle Union who received an Essence award. In her acceptance speech she tells the whole world how horrible she was and how she would do and say anything to bring others down. She was a BAD GIRL who thrived in unforgiveness and envy but after a while she realized she was hurting herself and all the evil did not help her in any way. Today she is free because she has accepted the positive change.
When I heard her speech I was so inspired that I thought to share this with my fellow women because I believe that if we decide to become the sisters we were all created to be, the world would be a better place for us.  Our voices will be heard, our little girls will not be married off at the age of nine, they will get an education, we will have more female presidents, job creation will definitely increase and we can help one another to achieve other things.
I still strongly believe that we all have to keep talking about this, encourage each other to replace hate with love and celebrate ourselves as women. I cannot begin to tell you the benefits that togetherness can bring into our lives.

I am willing to keep talking and keep trying everything I can and that is why I set up the ADIVA mentoring program. This has helped a lot of young girls who have attended our seminars and those who we continued to communicate with. Some people complained that it was not available in their countries, so we decided to have our own website which is under construction now and our blog which has started. We will have members who can discuss different topics and also network on line. They will also organize their own meet ups in their home country until we can all meet in a country we vote to meet and spend a full weekend there just bonding, sharing, laughing and socializing. This is what it's all about.

A forum created for women and young girls to:

- Share their stories, pain and trials
- Celebrate their achievements
- Talk about family, relationships, work, life other things
- Ask questions and get unbiased, non-judgmental  and professional  answers
- Review books, movies, magazines, articles, destinations, services, products and brands,   arts, music etc.

This is no place for gossip so we will not publish any negative story neither will we publish any unconfirmed information.
Women will experience a sisterhood like never before, friendship that will last, a support system that is strong and a one stop shop for information on the best places to get the best things for the best price at the right time and with good guarantee.
Women can send us an email ( with their businesses that we can review for them and if their products or services are things we can confidently support and vouch for then they get free publicity for a month. This is for products that can be attributed to the body/health, for other things like books, music, events etc. that are positive they get free publicity on all our forms of media.

This is not an association but a movement for women to rise up, come together, empower one another, educate one another and be the best that we can be and also love GOD.
We will not require full names in the forum just first names for privacy.
Some of you might not see the need in doing this but to those of you that do, let's do this together and I know GOD will help us make it a wonderful rewarding experience.
I am excited about this because I get to talk with so many wonderful women from all over the world and you can too. This movement is for all races and no exceptions. All you need to be a part of this is to be a woman or young girl.

However you can take it a step further by becoming a member.
To become a member of ADIVA, send your
NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, NATIONALITY, COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE and state which of the following age groups you belong to:
(16-20), (21-25), (26-30), (31-35), (36 and Above)

God willing, women will begin to get the protection, respect, recognition and appreciation they deserve.

Welcome to our world, a place where every woman is A DIVA.

By Stella Damasus 


  1. Wonderful work Stella keep it up

  2. As I started reading this piece all I could do was agree to what you write as the way women are perceived. I'm happy you agreed to because I have seen too many cases where women deny this fact. Women are naturally strong and we possess a qide range of emotions. We need to chanel this emotoin in a positive direction. I have always craved for true and sincere freindship. I'm yet to find one. Somewhere along the line jealousy, backbiting and envy gets in the way. I admit, I have been guiltt of same. Another point is to find true repentance and ability for the hurt party to accept any offered apology.

    Wooww, this is n extensive topic trust me. I totally love this piece.

  3. well done my lady!nice piece you have there!

  4. a bold step in the right direction.God bless u ma!

  5. I love you Stella!you Inspire me!

  6. yes my dr what u wrote is true. but the one advice i have for u too is to give back what belongs to doris. i admired u alot when i was growing up bcz of ur calm nature in movies but after reading abt u, i cant say how i feel now especially the issue of taking ur colleagues husband wholesale.

    wel am not perfect either to judge u and if its not ur fault that the man left her wife, then good luck but the woman son shld b given to her cuz ur there with ur own children

  7. A typical example of how Stella (a woman) came to the rescue of a business partners (Daniel doris' husband) home, when Doris (another woman) had issues with her man.We saw how Stella worked hard to restore the home until it it was so obvious that there was less should could do.
    She left that choice and chose to keep the man to her self and relocated with him to US.
    My narrative is,you say this, but you act that.No consistency in your words and actions.

    Please Stella, a lot of people are upset wit you because we have seen you as being different from other celebrities,we follow your write ups and we watch your movie with all our hearts,but this story of Daniel is a big disappointment that has thrown your credibility into the trash.
    I am not judging you but you know people make mistakes but for the fact that you keep denying it and keep rubbing it on peoples nose makes it worse.

    The story of Daniel and Doris is no longer the issue,but your action is what is not acceptable.I am not a celebrity but when i mess up,i know that people that matter to me needs to know the truth and i can ask for forgiveness and another chance, you are the celebrity with a lot of fans who want to know what is going on with you,but when you deny stories like this and we see something different,you hurt us more, hence the hatred for you.

    People can still forgive and forget if you truly come clean to your fans.There is nothing new under the heaven.

  8. Like stella rightly said,dis is not a place for Gossip pls,can we luk pass wateva happen or didn't happen and embrace dis new initiative? Nobody is perfect we all ve skeletons in our cupboard so if u r luking for a gossip blog visit linda ikeji una madam for Aproko and leave stella alone thk uy