Monday, 28 October 2013

Song of the heart

Hello Ladies,

How have you been dealing with life's issues and challenges? I know that it is not easy at all regardless of who you are. Whether single, married, single parent, divorced, widowed, engaged, etc.

What you need to know is that you are not alone, we are your sisters and are here to share your burdens with you. One of my best friends in the whole world just lost her 33 year old brother who had a three year old daughter and beautiful wife. I simply told her that whenever she needed to talk, cry, scream, sulk; I will be right there to take the heat because she is like a sister and that's why I am in her life. I pray that you ladies find some special people who will be there for you in your time of need.

Talking about your time of need, today's blog was sent in by my aunty, friend, sister, confidant, muse and spiritual motivator all rolled into one of the strongest women in the world today. I have decided to do a video blog on her on my YouTube channel and I am sure that is when you will understand why she is all that and more. Her name is 
Miss Jay to everybody. At the end of the blog I will put out her handles so you can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. She has helped me get through the darkest times in my life and I know she can help you too. If you get to know her history and what she has had to deal with and is still dealing with, you will quickly get in touch with her and just pour out your heart. You will be amazed at how much you will learn. She is a Mentor to me and this is what she wants to share:

People are condemned, criticized, judged, discouraged, confused and abandoned by the people they expect to support them, just because of their choices in relationship.
Some will say "the bible said", others will say custom and tradition forbids this or that, yet they can not represent or fill in your need or desire the relationship can give.
Therefore I wrote this song to encourage every heart that has found love, no matter the form or kind, as long as it makes you happy and fills in that space only you know about.


Let them say it's wrong, let them say you're a fool
Let them think you are not true to yourself;
But they don't know the love we share
They can't see the burning of our hearts
Our desires to be with each other over-rules their thoughts about us

They don't know the kind of love we feel in our hearts,
How we can see each other through the eyes of our love
They say, it can't be true
They say it couldn't survive,
They say it might be something that will pass with time
But time goes by but we stand still, our love grows stronger

They don't know the taste of the love we share
They can't smell the fragrance of this love
They can't see the beauty in the colour of this love
The wings of love that flies into our hearts, how warm and sweet it feels

But I know what our hearts say
They can't see you through my eyes
They can't change the way we feel, all they say don't hold a thing

How can we be apart sometimes yet my heart is with you?
How can I say nothing yet my heart sings for you?
The melody from my soul rings in your heart
Your simplicity makes loving you easy
Your humility makes it easy to understand your heart
Your lightness makes your love easy to carry on with

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  1. Wow. Nice song, talking about me aunty stella.

  2. Love is a strange thing. No one can understand it.