Monday, 15 July 2013


Hey Ladies,

A member of the ADIVA family sent me an article via email and after reading it, I decided to share it with you all.


I saw the photo above on a friends DP a few days ago and I smiled because this is exactly what I have been trying to tell this particular friend. She's worried that because she's on the plus side, she'll never fit into the entertainment industry or find love. She has told herself that until she is a certain size she'll not even try to do anything along the path of entertainment despite the fact she is a very talented and beautiful young lady.

I smiled because seeing her use that as her display picture probably means, that we are making progress, but I'm almost a hundred percent sure that she's not the only beautiful and talented young lady that's going through this issue as well. It may not necessarily be about your size, it could be what that person you love so much has told you you can never do, it could be those things your friends said to you years ago, it could be anything that's holding you back from doing the things you should be doing or getting to that place God has appointed for you.

Marilyn Monroe,who has times without number been referred to as one of the most beautiful women to ever walk this earth, wasn't as perfect as we all thought she was, she had flaws that we don't even know about but it didn't stop her from doing what she wanted, it didn't stop her from achieving her dreams. Through all the bad press and all the slander, she waxed strong and today she's what almost every woman wants to be.

Ladies, it's high time we stopped doing things to please others, or based on what other people expect of us! Go out there, take that step, do something someone has told you you would never be able to do, forget your flaws and insecurities, Love you, Do you, Be you regardless of what people think. Janelle Monae said something that I love so much during her acceptance speech during Black Girls Rock 2012, 'Embrace what makes you unique even if it makes others uncomfortable' and i absolutely agree with her, we have been brought up to believe that the we  should live according to the standards of other people but that's wrong, live your life the way you please, embrace those things that make you unique, just make sure that the things you  do are acceptable to God.

- Rumeh ( Twitter: @RumsiieEe )


  1. What a nice article! Absolutely right! Ladies the sky is our starting point.

  2. No woman has it all! All we need is, believe in ourselves, confidently go for what we want, put in our best and acheive our goals. How we look shouldn't stop us frm acheiving our dreams.

  3. So happy reading this article, it's really inspiring.

  4. na waoooo if she knows she will not fit then she will not fit. thats it

  5. Is this prostitution you call freedom, I never knew you were such a stagnant illitrate until I watched to noise over what you dint even understand. This is not your home video script so shutup
    This is what somebody said about u

    I am sure most of you must have had the misfortune of watching an online video posted by Stella Damascus days ago. The dumb bimbo accused Yerima of bringing a bill to legalise child marriage before the Nigerian senate. While claiming she has no problem with Islam, she warned the Senators that Nigeria is not an Islamic State and they should not try to Islamise the country. In her rage, she accused the senate of wasting valuable time discussing early marriage which the poorly educated actress translated to mean slavery or something worst.

    This despicable woman with her excessive makeup and fake hair did not only insulted Senators of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with every abominable word available, the showgirl displayed complete ignorance of the issue that was the subject of her range. The frustrated cripple minded bimbo also had the animal boldness to speak in a disrespectful tone toward Islam and Muslims.

    Dear Stella Damascus, there is no bill to legalise Child marriage before the Senate. Senator Yerima and others merely opposed the removal of Section 29 (4)b of the 1999 constitution. Senator Yerima has a constitutional mandate and acted within it when he opposed the removal a clause that empowers young married women. The clause rather than exposes the girl child, empowers them to renounce their citizenship before they are 18 years of age if they so wishes. Senator Yerima argued in favour of under 18 years old married women which, according to Maryam Uwais, constitute half the population of northern women.

    This is not your foolish home video scripts and you have no moral standing to have a say in this matter. What this Stella Damascus show of shame has shown is that there are not very many educated people in Nigeria, a doctor friend of mine opined. That is one cold fact this “child bride” brouhaha has revealed. There are too many fools who hold certificates. Any wonder why we are this backward in the 21st Century?

    Igho Hakeem Ohwojeheri
    Benin City

    1. Thank you for this message,I will also love to tell Stella that before she comes out to steal a show,she must research it well,it of course shows the decadence of low level of reading culture and awareness of what our 3 levels of governments are doing.
      She needed to take the opportunity of the sensitive issue to come out like a saint probably people will forget her husband snatching mess .Stella,your act of mess is still right infront of you until you deal with it, and please do more research as a celebrity.
      It is your choice to throw every hard work you have done over the years to build a brand away, when you ignored so many things to what will haunt your credibility for life.
      You are the celebrity you should know better.Your life is in the spot light.

  6. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

  7. I dnt lyk d sx scandals wit ya stlla its nt a g00d path 4 y0ng ladis n0w t0 f0ll0w. Bt I still l0v ya b0ldnss nd m0vis